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In this section we wanted to feature up and coming kickass women in the world of MMA.  These are fighters that if you don’t know already you should. We are proud to say we sponsor these ladies, and believe in them.  The Fighters who we are in love with at the moment?  Amber “the Bully” Brown,  TUF18 – Roxanne “the Happy Warrior”  Modafferi,  Jamie Moyle, Serena DeJesus, and  amateurs Amy “Whoopass” Sica, Carissa “Queen of Mean” Merrill, and Portland’s pro fighters Glena “Heartless” Avila, Emily Whitmire, Emily Corso, and Liz Tracy.

Mei-Li Fighting would like to say Congratualtions to Amber Brown and Jamie Moyle on their recent wins!




  • Liz "Titan" Tracy winning her her first pro fight wearing Mei-Li KoiDragon MMA shorts







 Roxanne “the Happy Warrior” Modafferi

Roxanne Modafferi


Modafferi’s training began in taekwondo as a teenager in Pennsylvania, Roxy then moved on to Mark Lawler’s Kenpo Karate two years later. She then began attending the Dalton Judo Club in Pittsfield,MA. Her description of that experience was: “I thought I was all cool doing Karate, like the movie stars, but then in Judo I learned what it was like to fly.” She trained for three years to gain a brown belt in the style, and then graduated from high school. Before leaving home to study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, there a fellow brown belt brought Modafferi to a Royce Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu association in, where she trained intensively for three months.  She has spent the last 8 years in Japan studying MMA and teaching English, but TUF18 brought her back to the US. Not only is she a strong and talented, but smart as well.  She majored in Japanese Language and Literature with a minor in Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts.   She recently won her fight in Invicta 8 against Tara LaRosa and won at Fightblok Grappling.  Her current record is 18-12, and she will be facing DeAnna Bennet on March 11, 2016 in the next Invicta fight in Vegas.  Follow her on twitter @Roxyfighter and Istagram roxyfighter.  She’s also a great writer and if you want to check out her blog.  Click here.  I recently had the chance to hang out with Roxanne, and she is amazing, so down to earth and nice person.  She’s someone who truly cares for her fans. 

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Amber “the Bully” Brown

Amber Brown


Amber started boxing as a way to get back into shape after having her daughter, but quickly realized training wasn’t enough, she wanted to compete.  With a successful amateur boxing career, Amber switched to MMA where she continues to rise.
Recently signed by Invicta FC, New Mexico’s Amber Brown (3-1) looks to follow up on her huge success at Pancrase 250 last July over former Japanese contender Kikuyo Ishikawa by armbar.  Amber brings a balanced attack haven taken victories by decision, submission and TKO.  She made her Invicta FC debut at Invicta 9 and won! She returned to the cage in Vegas at Invicta13 for a 90 sec RNC win!

Follow her on Twitter @AmberBrown505. Check out her profile here

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Jamie  Moyle

Jamie Moyle

Jamie Moyle  5′ 1″ strawweight, started training in Las Vegas in 2008.  She decided to start her amateur career in 2011 when she moved to Orlando, Florida.  She moved back to Las Vegas to attend UNLV.  While in Vegas she started focusing on Jui Jitsu and grappling.  She began competing in Jui Jitsu Tournaments,and has been recently promoted to purple belt.  She currently trains at Syndicate MMA with top level fighters like Roxanne Modafferi, and Liz McCarthy of Invicta fame. She recently won tuff-n-uff 4-woman tournament for the belt and an Invicta FC contract.  She also recently won a tough grappling match against a very talented fighter, Kyra Batara, at a Fightblok tournament.  Besides training, Jamie is currently studying pre-nursing at UNLV.  She made her debut at  Invicta 9 and DOMINATED! Jamie returned to win in Invicta 11 by submission Rear Naked Choke in the first round. She returned to the cage in Vegas in Invicta 13 for a win by decision, and best fight of the night!She is currently in the house filming for the next Ultimate Fighter.

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You can follow her on Facebook, on twitter @LoveBoatJamie


Serena “Southpaw Outlaw” DeJesus

Serena DeJesus

Serena DeJesus fights out of Philadelphia at 135 and 145lbs  in Muay Thai. She’s 5’7″ and is a striker, and before she decided to dedicate her life to training she was a volunteer firefighter.  What is amazing about this fighter is she has Asperger’s and has overcome aspects of the Apsergers with MMA. Serena has trained in Thailand and was planning on it again this summer, but due to the political violence in Thailand this year she decided to take her training  to Vegas at Syndicate MMA. Serena has been training in Muay Thai and BJJ for only  4 years and as she put’s it “I’m a self proclaimed “Nak Muay” at heart, but to improve her groundgame, she trained this summer at Syndicate MMA with Roxanne Modafferi. What’s amazing about this fighter is that she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when I was 13, and not through pills but through BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA she has overcome a lot of her issues.   On her first debut MMA fight Serena won in the 3rd by rear naked choke!!  What an amazing fighter.  Serena recently went back to Vegas to be filmed with other fighters living in the house training hard for a Real MMA reality show  for six weeks that ended in winning an AMMY MMA fight on April 17th.   Serena wins  TuffNUff 4/29!

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Follow her on twitter @SerenaSouthpaw



Glena “Heartless” Avila

Glena Avila

Glena Avila, this amazing fighter is from Portland and didn’t start her MMA career till 35, she embodies determination and dedication.  Glena  is strapping on her gloves and headed to Idaho to fight for another belt- King of the Cage,on February 18, 2015.  Read more about her here. Follow her on Twitter @MMAheartless

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Emily Whitmire

Emily Whitmire

Emily Whitmire- another Portland fighter to keep an eye on.  After suffering some setbacks early in her amateur career she  recently moved to Vegas to train at Extreme Couture. Definitely keep an eye out for this fighter. Big things are expected for this fighter.  Follow her on Twitter @WhitemireMMA



Emily Corso

Emily CorsoEmily Corso

Here’s another amazing flyweight fighter from Portland.  Her first debut in professional MMA was not one fight, but two that she won in one night! She is now 4-0 in her professional career.   In her youth, sports were not her strong point. This woman has brains and strength.  In 2007 she tood a functional self defense course to satisfy her School’s, Reed College, Physical Education requirements.  There Emily  fell in love with jiu jitsu. In 2010 she took her first MMA fight on a week and a half’s notice, she  never intended to compete in the sport, but won the fight and was hooked.  MMA was made better for it.  I sat down with Emily and she told me that it was not until she put makeup on one day before weigh-ins, that the media became interested in her.  She and I, Mei-Li Fighting, agree, it should not be that way.  To be popular in WMMA should mean you are talented, not pretty and have talent.  She is currently ranked #13.  Emily will make her Invicta debut soon, currently she has a broken toe, or else we would have seen her in Invicta 11


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Follow her on twitter @EmilyCorsoMMA


Veronica “the Head Hunter” Wilson


Veronica Wilson  fights at 135, yet another amazing fighter from Portland, Oregon.  Veronica started this sport at 27 as a single mother of a 3 year old trying to get in shape. Veronica loved watching the UFC so she signed up with Team Quest under Matt Lindland, within a year she enter her first Juijitsu tournament at 28, won gold in gi and no gi. In the no gi she beat a blue belt and won 4 out of 5 matches by submission, that is when her coaches took notice. At 29 she took her first cage fight at 155lbs, she lost to a strong opponent and dropped to 140 and won her next 3 fights. Veronica has plans to go pro under the training of her MMA husband Enoch Wilson. She loves the sport for many reasons, but the most important is how she “met the love of her life” Enoch Wilson and got in shape. Her daughter also trains with her. Veronica loves that fact that she is a strong role model for her daughter and that her daughter is proud of her. Veronica currently trains at Animals MMA with Invicta fighter Amanda “the Lady Killer ” Bell.

 You can follow her on twitter @vwfightchick


Liz “Titan” Tracy

Liz "Titan" Tracy

Another awesome fighter from Portland.  With 14 years of wrestling she is a force to be reckoned with.   She fights at 125lbs -Flyweight and has a record of 2-1-0. She also holds a purple belt in jiu jitsu.  Liz recently won Tuff N Uff  in Vegas June 2014.  Her goal is to fight in the UFC,  she has recently moved to southern California to further her mma career and train with Carla Esparza at Team Oyama.  She dominated in a first round rear naked choke in her debut professional fight. We are excited to see what the future has to hold for this fighter.

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AMATEUR   Amy “Whoopass” Sica      

amy sica

-Now this woman is inspirational.  She started her WMMA journey a little over 2 years ago.  She weighed in at 386 and  now she walks in the cage at 153-155! On June 14, 2014 she won the Goddess of War Championships! Way to chase your dreams Follow her on Twitter @WhoopassSicaMMA

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Carissa Merrill

Carissa Merrill

Carissa “Queen of Mean” Merrill, 27,  from Utah is an amateur fighter in the 115 strawweight division.  Carissa grew up wrestling and street fighting, which has served her well. Her current record is 1-1-0 with a fight coming up in July. This is a rematch of her second fight. Her first fight ended in victory after 24 seconds by rear naked choke.  In August of 2012,she had her MMA debut, but her MMA career was put on hold when she found out she had cervical cancer, after several surgeries, she has been in  remission since March 2013 and stronger than ever. This proves this women is a fighter.  Outside the cage she is a Medic and a single mom of 3. Keep an eye out on this fighter, she is going places. Follow her on twitter @MsMerrill87
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Kyra “Mogwai” Batara
Kyra Batara