MMA Gloves

Introducing our MMA gloves! These have been cage tested! They not only look good they perform!

MMA gloves Kiki Tumale Linda Mihalec


yes those are Mei-Li Fighting gloves!
yes those are Mei-Li Fighting gloves!

Our gloves are on the movie poster and you will see some of our products in the upcoming movie!


What did fighter Roma Pawalek have to say about these gloves:

Well they were fantastic! I wrapped my hands lightly under them. I felt like my hands were well protected and I had the best grip I’ve ever had with an MMA glove. I put one of yours next to the regular fight glove. Huge difference in the width.
The only downside is once I took the tape off, the logo on the wrist part came off.
Please let me know when they are available! I really want a pair
“-fighter Roma Pawalek

Your gear is solid your stuff holds up. I bought your gloves because my fighter girls gloves I used last fight did not hold up. I will never out another company in a review like that I like to keep things positive but I will be using your gloves to continue to train and fight in because I didn’t have to retire them after 1 fight. “-Fighter Linda Mihalec


Our gloves have a nice curved padding to guide your hand into a natural fist position, this helps reduce hand stress and  optimizes injury prevention.   As one fighter said, just enough padding to protect and little enough to do damage in the cage. Our gloves have a double hook and loop wrist strap to make it easier to get your hands in for a customizable fit.  The dual wrist closure offers maximum wrist support for added power and protection.



Leather MMA Gloves $60

Leather MMA gloves, neoprene lined for that snug fit and quick drying.

White Leather Stay with the Fight MMA Glove:

Size :

Black Leather Stay with the Fight MMA Glove:

Size :
Leather MMA Gloves, Neoprene lined for that snug fit.
Classic design Leather MMA Gloves, Neoprene lined for that snug fit.
Size :

Synthetic MMA Gloves $45

The quality of these synthetic MMA gloves look like leather and not plastic! Affordable and you can wash them.


Difference of Leather and Synthetic gloves side by side

White Synthetic Stay with the Fight MMA Glove

Size :

Black Synthetic Stay with the Fight MMA Glove

Size :

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Tips on caring for gloves:

The most common mistake people make after using their gloves is to drop them in their gym bag and zip it up. This is a problem because after their use, the gloves are usually sweaty and wet. If gloves do not dry out properly they grow a fungus that causes a foul smelling odor. The next time you pull them out of your bag you may get a whiff of some foul smells!

The best method for glove care is to let the gloves dry out after each use. You can do this by making a drying tree or hanging the gloves somewhere when you get home. Also it is very popular to buy a glove deodorant. It is common now to find glove deodorants/antibacterial spray/or hand sanitizer that you can spray/wipe in the gloves after each use. These deodorants kill the fungus that causes the bad smells and will prolong the life of your gloves. If you can’t hang them to dry, I pack mine with paper towels to help soak up the moisture.  Keep in mind if you get the synthetic glove you can wash them.

Return Policy– For errors on the company, we will gladly pay for your return shipping, any other reasons please contact us for a Return Merchandise Number (RMA) and a small restocking/shipping fee will apply,$7 for US customers.