At Mei-Li Fighting, we want to provide a quality athletic wear, MMA shorts, that are designed to flatter women’s bodies and be functional at the same time.  We wanted to provide great designs that do not re-inscribe negative views of women as sex objects.  We want to provide quality, durability and comfort.


“They really feel nice and hold up just as well as my Hayabusa shorts” -Serena DeJesus- fighter

you originally attracted me because I am actually the exact type of fighter you’re targeting. I spent hours looking for shorts for my first fight that didn’t say hot stuff on my butt in hot pink. I am just not the pretty girl type but at the same time sure of course I want to look good and athletic. I don’t have a lot of money to always be spending on fight gear but when I do you have found a customer for life in me” -Linda Mihalec-fighter


In the near future we will be adding more performance wear for training along with our casual wear for relaxing and hanging out.

“The quality is amazing, and they dry really fast even after a hard workout where I’m completely soaked”


Our shorts are also being carried at Bridge City Fight Shop in Portland, Oregon.

To check out our clothes in action look in the video section at the bottom of our home page.

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Some of the fighter’s that love our gear!

Amber "the Bully" Brown                Jamie Moyle                    Glena Avila and Emily Corso

Not just for fighting, great for any exercise routine.

Black and White Bamboo MMA shorts and Sports Bra.
Black and White Bamboo MMA shorts and Sports Bra.

Serena in 9 Dragon shorts IMG_9956 IMG_9957 IMG_9958