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Mei- Li Chinese Characters

Pronounced:  “May-Lee”  uses the Chinese characters “Mei” for beauty and “Li” for strength.

Mei-Li Fighting was born out of the need for an alternative to what was currently offered to women in the way of MMA shorts.  We wanted to create fun designs like what are offered to men, but in sizes for women, and in a cut that flatters women’s bodies.  Just because I am women, it doesn’t mean I want to wear pink and animal prints.  Just because a company puts pink on it don’t assume because I’m a women, I’ll love it.  Sometimes I want something else.

Mei-Li Fighting aims to change the image of women so that we are not just a pretty face, but also show that women can be strong and beautiful athletes.  We wanted to get away from the oversexed image that women have in the MMA world. We are not just the ring girls or accessories,  we too can be amazing fighters.  We also want to help promote upcoming women fighters in MMA world and support them on their rise to the top.

We wanted to design products that don’t  just look good, but function as well. For example our MMA shorts are not “unisex” shorts-men’s shorts that women can wear.  They hug the curves that women have, and the shorts we make are durable. Our fighters have grappled and fought in them, and the shorts have been seen in an MMA cage on UFC  and  Invicta Fighters.

We are slowly adding some products for men, but at Mei-Li Fighting our men’s line is an afterthought to our women’s line. Our main focus is providing Kickass clothing for our active women. Let’s face it, as a woman we want to look good while kicking ass.

Support us at http://www.gofundme.com/n23w7c

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Also sold at Bridge City Fight Shop – Portland, Oregon