Julie Luey


Julie Luey founder

Julie comes from the world of fitness and has some experience in martial arts.  She was prompted to start this company when she started teaching Les Mills Bodycombat classes and realized there was not a lot to wear if she wanted an MMA style short.  Julie was drawn to the graphics of men’s MMA shorts, but found they did not fit right, and as was brought up with the attitude of: if you can’t find what you want, make it yourself.  She holds a degree is Rhetoric and Media Studies focusing on women, and studied art at Willamette University.  She has worked in the fitness industry as an instructor for the last ten years and has tested many pieces of athletic wear, so she knows women who play hard need clothes that can keep up.  She also has spent the last ten years working and dealing Chinese antiques and her designs draw from the wealth of knowledge she has of Asian art.

Growing up as a tomboy and hanging out with boys she was exposed early on to the world of fighting and sports.  Julie’s cousin Christina Kwan is the former United States National Champion and World Amateur Champion at the 95 pound weight limit.  Julie had a few lessons in the boxing ring and fell in love with the sport and eventually started following MMA back in the late 90’s.   Julie is excited to see women finally getting more recognition and the women’s fights being highlighted and taken seriously.